CHSE – Cleanliness Health Safety Environment Sustainability


As travel begins to slowly reopen in the age of Covid-19 and in our ongoing efforts to ensure the highest standard in hygiene and safety, Golden Kris Tours is implementing stringent new health and safety standards for post-pandemic travel.

Our prime concern and priority is the health and well-being of our guests and employees. With that in mind we would like to update you on the actions we have taken in response to the outbreak.


We all play a part in supporting safe travel and we would like our guests to be able to travel with confidence. All of our employees are required to adhere to:

  • Stringent new health and safety standards intended to reduce the risk of Covid-19 exposure and transmission
  • Face covering will be required in the office and whilst conducting tour. Wear face masks; we will provide them reusable masks so both our guests and our team are protected
  • Our employees are required to wash their hands on a regular basis throughout the day, this includes on arrival at the office, in between employees’ interactions, before and after their breaks, and throughout the day as needed. We have several hand washing and sanitizer stations setup around our office to ensure our employees can easily wash/disinfect their hands.
  • With an infrared Thermometer, we will take the body temperature of each employee whenever they start and end their work shift. This information will be logged for record-keeping. Only employee cleared during screening shall be allowed to enter the office. Those with fever and flu–like symptoms will not be allowed to enter the office and will be referred to the doctor or hospital.
  • All of our employees have been fully vaccinated.

Prior Tour

  • Transportation:
    • Standard passenger capacity of each type of vehicle will be decreased or reduced by 50% or one. The driver shall wear masks and gloves at all times.
    • Car / Sedan – No passenger seated beside the driver. Two passengers at the back row with one seat apart. No more than three (3) passengers, including the driver.
    • Vans – Only two (2) passengers per row are allowed.
    • Buses and coasters –Passengers are not allowed to stand while vehicle is moving.
    • Our service vehicle amenities include basic first–aid and sanitation kits, which includes face mask, gloves, 70% solution alcohol or alcohol–based hand sanitizer, tissue paper, and disposable wet wipes instead of wet and warm towels.
    • Our service vehicle have a separate trash bag for all used gloves, face masks, wet wipes and other sanitation items for disposal used by the passengers.
    • The driver of the service vehicle practice proper hand-washing and wearing of face mask, gloves and other applicable protective equipment to prevent contamination.
    • The driver of the service vehicle will remove and dispose the worn gloves and other items that might have been contaminated before entering the vehicle.
    • The trash bag should be disposed immediately upon arrival at the destination until return to point of origin. Proper disposal procedures of the trash bag should be strictly implemented.
  • Guide
    • Guide would be trained and prepared to answer questions, resolve challenges, such as detection of new cases, situations where guests are not complying.
    • Guide will ask guests to wash hands by hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle, then we proceed with our updated briefing where we will inform our new special Covid protocol.
    • Guide will inform Indonesian regulations, we are required to keep a minimum distance of 1-1,5 meter between people. Of course, if you are traveling with friends and family, you will be able to site and interact together.
    • Guide will remind, guests personal protective equipment refers to clothing and accessories worn to minimize exposure to health and safety risks, such as protective clothing and masks.

During Tour

  • Our guide will provide clear, consistent and up-to-date communication to guests on new health & hygiene protocols.
  • Our guide will share guest guidelines ahead of trip and where applicable in person upon commencement of trip on the basis of advice from health authorities which may include the wearing of face masks or coverings, guidance on hand hygiene and avoiding physical contact.

Post Tour

  • After the tour, guests will also be reminded with following information:
    • No sharing of food or any personal or non–personal belonging
    • Proper disposal of used
    • Mingling with occupants of other rooms are not encouraged, when in hotel
    • Practice of proper hand-washing etiquette/hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and proper use of face mask
    • Strict observance of Physical Distancing.
    • Our transport vehicles will be sanitized and disinfected every end of the trip with all surfaces (especially seats, armrests, handles).


Certificate received by PT. Golden Kris Tours for supporting the Tourism Program based on Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety and Environment Sustainability as part of our company’s standard operating procedures for the new normal protocol.